5 reasons to book children or family outdoors photoshoot

5 reasons to book children or family outdoors photo shoot English tea, English breakfast, Big Ben, double deckers, White Cliffs of Dover, Henry VIII,

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exeter family photos

Happy faces, happy moments

„Mummy & Me”and family March snippets March has been (and still is looking) pretty busy for me and I thought I would show you a

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Exeter family children photographer

What are ‚digitals’ and why are they expensive?

What are the ‚digital files’ that I refer to in my posts and adverts and why are they expensive? Aga Kowalska a specialist family

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What to wear for an outdoors family photo shoot?

You are considering booking an outdoors family photo shoot or maybe you’ve booked one already. You are getting increasingly excited, yet, as soon as you

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reasonably priced photographer exeter

Looking for a reasonably priced photographer in Exeter

Are you looking for a ‚resonably priced photographer’ in Exeter? I often see people posting on social media groups that they are looking for

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mummy and me

„Mummy and Me” Mother’s Day Special Photo Shoot

Why THIS photo session type is so special for me and my clients? „Mummy and me” Mother’s Day Photo Shoot is not just yet another type of

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Behind the scenes of a newborn photo shoot

Let me take you today behind the scenes of a newborn photo shoot, a twin one to be precise, which I did in January.

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Outdoor Maternity Photo Shoot in winter? Sure, why not?

Maternity photo shoot is an incredibly emotive and beautiful way to evidence your pregnancy. Not to mention that it is also a great way to show to your

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Jessica and Martin’s autumn wedding

If you think that autumn wedding seems like a dull and cold option, then you need to read and see this. You possibly can’t

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