Birth Story Photography

Birth Photographer, Exeter

There are moments in life when no words are needed and all you can do is just stay in admiration and gratefulness for what you have just experienced. Welcoming a new tiny human into this world surely is one of them.

But life moves on: you focus on tomorrow and all the yesterdays are becoming just faded scraps of time.
Don’t let the day your baby arrived become one of them.
Let me capture the profound and unspoken emotions, tiny details and life altereing events .

I will aim to be an invisible and unintrusive witness of this amazing journey into parenthood that you, your partner (and maybe other family members) are embarking on. Let me notice and capture things that you would have missed,
Let’s make your baby’s story the best story you can ever tell, but with precious images.

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You, mum will have no time or energy to think about photos or videos, midwives will be making sure you and the baby are safe, your partner will be looking after you making sure you get the support you need to go through this incredible journey. You will need to focus on YOU and the baby. I will make sure all that happens in the room stays in your memories (and in family albums) for many many years.

If you would like to discuss how I can work with you to provide you with priceless heirloom please CONTACT me now.

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