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A newborn photo shoot with a three month old baby Elsie.

Alert – this is a bragging post 😉  but there will be also lots of praise and admiration for the subject of this post.

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How to photograph your children this Christmas with a phone or a compact camera?

Let’s face it – it is highly unlikely that you will put your phone away for Christmas. You will surely want to check the

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Exeter & Devon Wedding Photographer – 2020 Offer

Exeter & Southwest wedding photographer Even though you see me sharing mostly newborn and family photos on my social media and website, I am

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#NoFilter is more than a hashtag – a kind request from your photographer

What do you say when you have taken a beautiful shot and share it on Instagram? „#NoFilter needed” or something along these lines, I

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The power of branding photography

„Branding” is a fascinating concept which I personally only learnt about relatively recently. The idea of building and maintaining a coherent presence, either online

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Short visit to Cotley Farm (Aga Kowalska Photography)

A few weeks ago I watched a promotional video done by my super talented friend Paul Foster of Tempo Media. It was a video

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„What if it rains?” – the most frequently asked question ever

The most frequently asked question for anyone booking a location photo shoot without doubt is this one: „What if it rains?” I have heard

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The reality of being a working from home mum

Working from home Being own boss for many is a dream, just like it was for me. In my adult life I was always

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Brody’s Cake Smash – Balloons & Planes

It seems only like yesterday when little Brody was brough to me for his first baby portraits and he is already one and came

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Guide to Photo Shoot Voucher Giving

Photo shoot vouchers for people that have (almost) everything We live in times of general abundance. Majority of people have everything they need to

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