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Aga Kowalska Photography

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Thank you for popping in here to get to know the person behind the brand name – Aga Kowalska Photography.  I am Aga. Origianally from Poland, I chose Exeter, Devon as my new home and I am loving it.

I specialise in providing beautiful, elegant and timeless portraits for my clients to fall in love with and adore for years to come. I work with families in Devon (I’m based in Exeter), capturing the moments in their lives that they value most – pregnancies, births, newborn days, special milestones or simply happy days when they are together. Having the best time, as a family. I offer a premium, hassle free complete service – from the consultation, photo shoot up to delivering your precious memories beautifully presented in bespoke wall art pieces.

People call me a „glass half full” kind of person as I love my life and will always find reasons to be grateful and happy. Luckily, I have many, just to name a few:

  • I have two crazy yet perfectly healthy children (Emilia almost 12 and Filip almost 10 as of May 2024) and a husband who is my best friend and biggest supporter in life and in my business venture
  • I live in Exeter which offers so many opportunities and stunning locations to create happy memories for my loved ones and my clients
  • My job is my biggest passion and a ‚dream-come-true’

I love coffee, salted caramel ice cream, Netflix, surrounding myself with pretty things and reading books that tickle my brain cells. I love all things crafty and creative. I used to work as a teacher and careers adviser yet photography is where my heart beats faster and fonder.

Things that scare me are: flying, fried liver and pessimistic or two faced people. I try to avoid these at all cost whenever possible.

My passion for capturing happy memories and people’s beautiful souls stemmed from 2 events in my life – the death of my dad and the birth od my children. After loosing my dad at just eight years old I very soon realised that with him gone I have hardly anything to look back at. Apart from my ever so faint memories of our time together I have nothing to remeber him by. My parents never expected our time together to end so quickly so they never appreciated photographs as much as they probably should have. I could possibly find a maximum of 3-4 photos of me with my dad. I don’t want my children (or any children to be honest) to be deprived of this priceless legacy.

Giving birth to my children and seeing how quickly the supposedly ‚unforgettable’ moments of their lives fade away made me want to freeze every happy moment for them. My legacy for them is all the memories that we create together, all the time we spend doing crazy simple yet priceless things and all the photographs that we carry over into the future. The time we made Christmas decorations together, when we played in the river Dart after we got a bit lost, the day we danced barefoot on the snow in our garden (March 2018) and many more.


Out of many things that I have photographed  (landscape, weddings, commercial, business personal branding, births, christenings, maternity, engagement, newborns, families) my absolute favourite is photographing emotions. I want to be so much more than the person who takes photos. I want to create the memories with you. To make the day we met not just a ‚photo shoot’. I want you to remember it as happy times.

I work with amazing beautiful happy clients who love their families and appreciate the importance of memories and want to display them proudly in their homes. I work with industry top product suppliers to give your memories the best finish and longevity.


Are you ready to  give your family the gift of memories preserved beautifully?

Drop me a line and I will make it happen for you 🙂

Aga Kowalska