5 reasons to book children or family outdoors photoshoot

5 reasons to book children or family outdoors photo shoot

English tea, English breakfast, Big Ben, double deckers, White Cliffs of Dover, Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth, Shakespeare…

There are so many things that come to everyone’s mind when  they think ‚England’ and ‚English characteristics’. And there is one more that most foreigners will mention as top 5 for sure: English weather. Unpredictable, rather wet and moderate.

And this very weather is one of the reasons why lots of my clients hesitate to book an outdoors photo shoot, for fear of it being spectacularly ruined by an unexpected shower.

But there are reasons why you should say YES to an outdoors photo shoot. Let me list just five of them:

1. Devon is simply too stunning to stay indoors

We are every so lucky to be living in such a short vicinity of two national parks (Dartmoor & Exmoor), many beautiful beaches and a huge number of parks and other attractive locations. There is something for everyone. If you love the buzz of a city, I’m up for it too! I can photograph you and your family in a busy popular location or in the city, at the same time embracing the vibrant character of a city life. If you feel better on the beach, playing in the sand or somewhere else more secluded, there is no reason why we can’t go there either.Why would you choose an indoors photo shoot when the Devonian possibilities are endless?

2. Children love being free…

… and being outdoors is where they can be free! They can run, have fun and they can even not realise that we are doing a photo shoot 🙂 When I meet a family for a photo shoot in one of my many stunning  locations, I never start shooting until they have had a little run and look around. Once they settle in the location, we can continue having fun and capture some amazing priceless emotions.

3. Outdoors shooting possibilities are endless

I love my cosy home studio and my heaps of beautiful props which I can style for your beautiful babies and family. But there is a finite number of angles that I can try when photographing indoors. Outdoors is totally different. I can lay on the ground, climb on a tree, sit on a bench, kneel, photograph a close up or from a distance. I can capture small details or a wide frame where your whole family is set in a stunning location. You are guaranteed to get a wide selection of stunning diversified  images from me which you will love looking through over and over again.

4. You can choose a location that  YOU love!

I have photographed my Clients on their farms, in their country estates, in their favourite parks or other hidden spots that may be meaningless to others, but to them they are truly special. I photographed a couple in a spot where they got engaged, a family in a park where they love taking their dog for a walk, in a park that one of my client has her lunch breaks in and many many more. When you book a session, you will be welcome and encouraged to tell me where your happy places are. If you can’t think of anything particular, no worries. I have a long list of checked gorgeous locations that are guranteed to make you feel happy and will work as a great background for your happy memories.

5. Clouds and rain are photo-worthy!

You may think that booking a photo shoot in broad daylight, when the sun is shining is what you need to be doing. Actually, harsh sunlight is every photographer’s worst nightmare and we prefer to photograph on a day when it’s overcast and I personally love photographing in the rain! There are so, so many things that you can do when it’s raining. Think of colourul umbrellas, muddy puddles and wellies and the most sincere loud laughter. For me to be able to photograph that is simply priceless. So, next time when it is raining and you are thinking ‚Damn, we need to reschedule’, think twice. Be creative, be brave, embrace the English weather! If it is super super wet we can always reschedule but generally a drizzle is not an obstacle to a beautiful photo shoot at all. I hope that one day you will let me prove that to you 🙂

Outdoors photo shoot is the way to go !

Just do it 🙂 I have never ever heard a client say ‚Oh, I wish we have booked a studio instead’. And I know at least FIVE  reasons why 🙂

The spring is in full swing, so what are you wating for? Just do it 🙂

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