Christmas Minis 2021 – Guide for clients

Family tradition continues!

It certainly has been a tradition in my family – getting everyone together (or at least getting the kids to sit comfortably with each other, burying the hatchet for a short while and being perfect siblings for perfect Christmas photo). And I treasure them like nothing else 😊

Let’s make your Christmas photos a tradition too.

This year yet again I will catch up with my previous and meet new clients to help them feel the magic and take away some gorgeous images to treasure. Are you excited too?

What is even more exciting is the fact we will be meeting in my new happy place which is at 38 Cowick Street 😊

This year there also will be 2 STUDIO options.(I decided against location shoot this year)

  1. Classic Christmas outdoor scene (rustic door, Christmas trees and decorations in the background and snow on the ground) There will be accessories such as packed gifts, real wooden sleigh and fake snow 😊

Outfit suggestions: wintery attire, warm sweaters, checked dresses, tops. Hats, scarves. Advice and clothing guide can be given on request. Please note I do not provide outfits.


  1. Boho / Natural bed set up with beige / cream and natural decorations. Macrames, wicker and dried grass baskets etc. bamboo chair with warm natural blanket will be there too.

Outfit suggestions: white, cream, beige. brown green attire. Subdued, classic works best.

Bonus: there will be an additional set up with Christmassy snowy woodland, Christmas trees and sleigh. Simple and timeless. Especially precious if we don’t get any snow this winter. Would look amazing on Christmas cards. Granny may shed a tear or two seeing cute cheeks all wrapped up and posing on the sleigh.

Available dates & times:

Saturday 16th October (Traditional Christmas)

10.00 am, 10.45 am, 11.30 am, 12.15 am, 1.00 pm, 1.45 pm, 2.30 pm, 3.15 pm, 4.00 pm

Saturday 23rd October (Boho Christmas style)

10.00 am, 10.45 am, 11.30 am, 12.15 am, 1.00 pm, 1.45 pm, 2.30 pm, 3.15 pm, 4.00 pm


Package MINI: 3 digital files sent via download £79

Package MIDI: 5 digital files sent via download £99

Package MAXI: 8 digital files sent via download £149

Additional files over 8: £15 each. Maximum number of files offered will be 20.

RETURNING CLIENTS EXTRAAll returning clients will get complimentary 6×8″ lustre prints of their chosen files as a gift.

  • You will select your favourite files from a gallery of UNEDITED watermarked images.
  • The link will be sent to you within 5 working days of the shoot.
  • Once you have chosen and paid for your package, your images will be edited and sent to you within 10 working days.
  • Prints will require additional 5 working days to be ordered.


In order to secure the booking £79 (smallest package price) needs to be paid via a bank transfer to A Kowalska, 19991268, 30-80-37. Booking fee payment is an expression of acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms & conditions which will be emailed to you in advance once you express interest and provide email address.

Please note due to the significant cost associated with the preparation of the set ups and the fact that this is a season specific shoot with limited spaces – the money paid is non refundable. If you are unable to attend, you are welcome to find a replacement for yourself. Rebooking is not possible unless another full day of bookings is open.

Any questions – please feel free to contact me on Facebook or via phone 07429229253.

Important information

  • Time limit is 30 minutes per family to allow swift movement of clients and necessary sanitisation of areas used.
  • One slot per one family, siblings only.
  • For unrelated children (cousins, friends, etc) there is a £15 charge per child. Only one adult makes the booking though and they will be the client that I will communicate with.
  • Shoots available for babies from 6+ months or when they are able to sit unaided. Not suitable for newborns or small infants unless parents are happy to pose with them (holding in arms, on lap etc).
  • Outfits are not provided however I am happy to give guidance and advice regarding best choices
  • Images are delivered electronically (via We Transfer) and you will be responsible for saving your own files
  • Photo shoot will be taking place in my studio, 38 Cowick Street, Exeter EX4 1AW.
  • To book please make the payment to A Kowalska, 19991268, 30-80-37.