Brody’s Cake Smash – Balloons & Planes

It seems only like yesterday when little Brody was brough to me for his first baby portraits and he is already one and came for his first cake smash photo shoot.

I met Brody’s family  even before he was born. His gorgeous sisters Darcy, Sydney and Riley came to me for a Christmas mini photo shoot back in 2017 and they have kept coming since to mark their special moments in life.

It couldn’t be any different when Baby Brody was born in September 2018. Just look at this cute squishy face. I remember him being really lovely and easy to work with, bar his strong opposition to holding a little football 🙂 It was dad’s dream to have a football theme incldued in the shoot so Brody’s resistance was rather hillarious.

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When choosing colours and set ups for Brody’s newborn photo shoot we considered the colours prevailing in their family home (blue, gray, torquoise). When planning Brody’s cake smash we discussed the set ups and decided to create images which will fit nicely into the existing family photo wall. Again – blue, torquoise with some red accents, that was mum’s wish. We chatted about the themes and things that Brody likes playing with and the decision was made to go with this truly cheerful aeroplane and balloon theme.

family photos exeter family photos exeter family photos exeter

A nice cartoon backdrop paired with balloons and lots of fluffy clouds made a beautiful setting for Brody. With the busy backdrop we needed to keep the decorations to the minimum to make sure our most important model wouldn’t get overshadowed by the decorations.

As soon as Brody and his mum came in I knew it would be a total success. Brody did not give me a single grumpy grimace or complain. his face was constantly beaming with a smile and his energy was infectious.

family photos exeter family photos exeter family photos exeter family photos exeter family photos exeter family photos exeter family photos exeter

You may have spotted the blanket that was used in Brody’s first newborn shoot and was brought again for the cake smash session. It is always amazing when parents bring meaningful items that are included in photos. It also helps to keep the wall art displays consistent.

What are Cake Smash Photo shoots?

You may be wondering what in fact are cake smash photo shoots as there was little smashing portrayed here. Brody in fact was quite gentle with the cake and only posed for some photos with it so mum could easily pack the cake back and share with the family.

Generally, a cake smash photo shoot is a celebration photo shoot which many parents book as part of first or second birthday celebration. There usually is a theme that parents choose in cooperation with the photograher and a purpose made cake. Ideally, babies are expected to devour and destroy the cake, creating some cute mess. That doesn’t always look equaly spectacular. Some babies go ahead and destroy the cake, others are much less brave about it.

Here are some examples of my previous cake smash shoots:


family photos exeter


family photos exeter


family photos exeter


family photos exeter


family photos exeter


family photos exeter

How to plan your little one’s cake smash photo shoot?

  • Think of themes and colours that you already have in your home (nursery or any other room where you wish to display the images)
  • Are there  cartoons / characters or activities that your child is particularly into?
  • Think if your child is likely to smash the cake or if they may not be too keen. Even if they prefer not to touch the cake it is still ok to plan the shoot and get some nice portraits with the cake and in beautiful set up.
  • Cake smash may not be your thing but that doesn’t mean your little one needs to miss out on a celebratory photo shoot.

Cake Smash Without a Cake or Smash

Some time ago I was invited to celebrate little lady’s first birtday in a fun, yummy and definitely quite original way. Check out the blog post from Julia’s Cake Smash Differently. 

If you have an idea, no matter how original or quirky and would like me to make it happen, don’t hesitate. I am always keen to listen to your wishes and then fulfil them.

Please use the CONTACT tab to request a call back.

Current pricing for cake smash can be found HERE  (please note I do work witha professional cake maker who can create a bespoke cake to fit in with your child’s celebration theme).


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