Outdoor Maternity Photo Shoot in winter? Sure, why not?

Maternity photo shoot is an incredibly emotive and beautiful way to evidence your pregnancy. Not to mention that it is also a great way to show to your child how happy and anxious you were to get to meet them.

You must have seen some stunning outdoor maternity photo session images before, but thought: ‚But, I’m pregnant now, it’s cold outside. The photos will never come out as nice as in the summer’.

My beautiful friend Dorota and her cute family showed us all that any weather is good to go out to capture these beautiful moments of pregancy. Dorota brought her family: husband Przemek and the cutest little daughter Maja. Obviously, Maja was excited to be outside, that’s why I love outdoor photo shoots as they allow the children to be less retrained and enjoy the space more freely. Her daddy had a tricky task trying to catch her to pose with them for the photos. Yet, he did really well indeed. What is more, it was quite late in the afternoon and the park where we went to take the photos was just about to close. The security guard approached us twice telling us to get our act together and leave the park asap. Hence, we were all super focused and determined to get the images that we wanted.

Dorota was such a trooper. „Take my coat off? Sure, why not?” Her beautiful red lipstick and red shawl made such a perfect combination. The dark shades of winter greenery did not overwhelm her beauty. On the contrary, they were merely a background on which her beauty stood out.

Since The Little Man is due to arrive very soon and I am sure mummy and daddy will  shortly forget pregnancy time and focus all their love and attention on the new arrival.  I bet as soon as he arrives though, these photos will become priceless as they will remind them of the special bond that started way before they met him.

I wish I could see the photos of my mum being pregnant with me. Sadly, maternity photo shoots were not something that was popular, or even available to my mum at that time. All I have now are the stories how my mum craved strawberries whilst pregnant with me and all the other precious details.

And how about you? What do you know about the time when your mum was pregnant with you? Were you a kicker or a laid back baby that slept most of the time? I love telling my children when they were still inside my belly. I love how they ask me lots of questions about the time I carried them under my heart. However,  what I love even more is that I can dig out some photos and videos and show them! How amazing is that???

Are your expecting too? Leave a comment or send me a message and I will happily get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Finally, it’s time to let the image speak for themselves!


Enjoy <3




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