„Mummy and Me” Mother’s Day Special Photo Shoot

Why THIS photo session type is so special for me and my clients?

„Mummy and me” Mother’s Day Photo Shoot is not just yet another type of mini sessions that I schedule in my calendar, alongside Christmas, Valentines Day or Father’s Day minis. And let me tell you why.

Every mum that is reading this post definitely has hundreds of photos of their little ones on their phone. I bet you have photos of your growing belly, first days together, your baby’s milestones and some blurry yet absolutely priceless snaps of first smiles and so on. But how many photos of YOU and your little ones have you got? Apart from the ‚selfies’ (don’t get me wrong, I love selfies and our selfie stick 🙂 ) have you got any that are good enough to be printed, framed and proudly displayed?

I love the possibilities that smart phones give us nowadays. (Almost) wherever you are, you can just take out your phone and freeze the moment in time. Our phones carry gigabytes of memories, yet we hardly ever print them. We let them just sit on the tiny memory cards, with an empty promise of being printed one day and making into a frame.

I am guilty of that too. I love taking photos and when my cameras stay at home I still take lots of photos with my phone. I TAKE them. I am hardly ever in them…

Last year I realised that (surprise, surprise) I am not going to live forever and all my children will have when I am gone is the memories and photos. Right… What photos? Those billions of beautifully styled session photos that I took of them and another few hundreds of them with their daddy, friends, etc. But how about me? I am in NONE of them…

For that reason last summer I booked a session with my friend from Nena Photography to have some photos of me and my children. I wanted to spend some time with them as well, so that when they grow up and look at them they remember how great it was to be together. How much fun we had together and hopefully they will know how much I have loved them.

„Mummy & Me” Mother’ Day Special offer

I love any type of photography but I must say that taking photos of mums with their children is always exceptional. Motherly love is the purest and most genuine feeling you can every get. You can fake happiness, joy, you can even sometimes fake that you love someone, but no mother ever has to fake their love for their children. That’s what makes this session so special for me as a photographer and as a mother, but also for my clients. Every photo tells a unique story of love at first sight that never ends…

This year I am offering 2 days of mini mummy & me sessions for fellow Devon (and other) mums 🙂

For a special price of £49 you will get the following:

  • 20 minutes session time with me in my home studio or in an outdoors location
  • Location shoot on 4th March 2017 (weather permitting) and studio shoot on 11th March 2017
  • 3 medium resolution (8 x 10″) images emailed after the session
  • Mums and grandmas also welcome! I am happy to accommodate a ‚Generations’ photo shoot like the one below.

If you have any further questions or are ready to book, please use the CONACT tab or contact me via my Facebook fanpage.

Generations mummy and me photoExeter family photoshoot


exeter family photo

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